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E-Commerce Tips - Add-to-Cart Button - Research from Top 50 E-Commerce Sites
Posted : 11/11/2013 8:01am

Online sales are key, and growing. Have you ever considered your add-to-card button stye? This i... read more

Government of Canada tendering opportunities are moving from MERX to on June 1, 2013
Posted : 23/05/2013 3:37pm

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Low interest loans for software, web and technology services now available
Posted : 30/11/2011 5:25pm

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Virtually Possible: How to Monetize Online Platforms & Boost ROI
Posted : 10/11/2011 6:58pm

Membership? Daily deals? Online retail stores with good and services that arrive at your door? Ever... read more

Slow Economy? Online Sales Still Increasing! Are Yours?
Posted : 07/10/2011 1:44pm

Interesting trends in online sales. For many businesses this has been a challenging year. Yet stats ... read more



Synergy specializes in internet applications and custom software development.

Our name is a key part of our style. 

We meld our business solution development expertise with your business specific web and software needs, to enable your business to do more.

We are always thinking as a  member of your management team, to bring you ROI, and assist your  business to grow and improve.

Have you considered:

What can I improve today with my website to help better manage and grow the business?

Does your web site truly reflect your vision for the business?

Can customers and partners truly do business with you (real time) over the web?