Top 50 E-Commerce Sites Tips - Add-to-Cart Button

Nov 11 2013

Online sales are key, and growing. Have you ever considered your add-to-card button stye?  This is a key yet sometimes unconsidered part of your e-commerce store. The top 50 e-commerce sites were researched by Volusion to compare their add-to-card buttons and shopping carts visuals.  ...  read more

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Canadian Government tendering moving from MERX to

May 23 2013

Government of Canada contract bid tenders Interested in bidding on Government of Canada contract opportunities?   Government of Canada tendering opportunities are moving from MERX to on June 1, 2013. On June 1, 2013, Canadian federal government o...  read more

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Low interest loans for software, web and IT services now available

Nov 30 2011

What do I need to improve in my business to stay competitive: Online presence with the latest tools and technologies to increase sales. Purchase software tailored to my business to run more effectively. Upgrade my aging database.   Synergy continues to bring the best available options and solutions...  read more

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Virtually Possible: How to Monetize Online Platforms & Boost ROI

Nov 10 2011

Membership? Daily deals? Online retail stores with good and services that arrive at your door? Everything is virtually possible these days! Explore how different businesses have been operating online and what their strategies are for increasing sales.You, too, can leverage these opportunities fo...  read more

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Slow Economy? Online Sales Still Increasing! Are Yours?

Oct 7 2011

Interesting trends in online sales. For many businesses this has been a challenging year. Yet stats compiled by the US Dept of Commerce, IDC and Channel Advisor show that online sales are still steadily increasing. 24% in 2010, 19% in 2011, 17% in 2012. Are yours?     For most businesses, there ...  read more

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Quite the Week for Apple

Oct 5 2011

It has been quite the week for Apple! Yesterday, a lot of the buzz was about Apple releasing a newly anticipated iPhone. Then sadly, Steve Jobs passing away today.   Steve and the team at Apple have contributed impensely to both design and esthetics in computer hardware and software.  They hav...  read more

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Complimentary IT Reduction Cost Session

Sep 23 2011

What's bugging you most about your web site and software to run your business?   Has it been a while since you had an independent check of your web, software and computer systems to see what changes will help you save money or, increase your revenues and profits?   Understanding the current econom...  read more

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Top Five Business Website Mistakes

Aug 18 2011

A business website is an online ambassador for your business. It takes more than just having a website to make your online business profitable. A user-friendly and search-engine friendly website design has become an area of concern to businesses that want to use the Internet to the fullest.   So ma...  read more

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CEO of Carlson Wagonlit talks about one of the key differences of successful businesses

Jul 20 2011

Douglas Anderson is chief executive of the global travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel. He argues that successful companies are those which continually innovate. The video can be seen here. Carlson Wagonlit New Westminster, one of our clients, is part of the Carlson Wagonlit group.  ...  read more

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8 Questions to Ask an IT Services, Web or Software Firm

Jul 14 2011

8 Tips for Success   When time and quality matter, how do I shop for computer services?   What are the questions I should ask when hiring a web or software development firm?   Choosing the right web or software development firm is a big decision and commitment.   Before you give the go-ahead,...  read more

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