Graphic Design and Branding

Client: Inner Bliss Wellness Centre

Synergy was comissioned to enhance the corporate logo, refresh all collateral materials and design a new website. We want an elegant solution with a smooth website with no distractive animation. Our image should be polished and invite people to join and take one of our many courses.


Client: Torque Branding

Synergy was comissioned to develop a series of banners for renowed Branding Agency Torque Media.
The banners need to enforce the branding products listed in the e-commerce shop.


Karin's Country Farm Organic Sausages
Karin's Country Farm Organics hired Synergy Graphic Design team to re-develop their branding strategy. Project includes new logo design, new website and collateral materials to re-introduce their top of the line products to the Market.  Samples include the first draft of proposal to be submited to the board of Directors (Packaging Label, Brochure, Logo Proposal).


Ripley Stainless Steel
 Ripley Stainless Steel is one of the largest Western Canadian Tank Manufacturer specializing in custom stainless steel tanks. Synergy was commissioned to
develop a new website along with a new and fresh image including logo design. Stationary including business cards and thank you notes were proposed to the
client to complete the initial scope of the project.

Vancouver Waterpolo Club
The Vancouver Waterpolo Club requested Synergy to create a brand new logo, T-shirt design and website as part of their new image.
The concept needed to be appealing to boys and girls between 8 - 18 years old. Funky and colorful banners were created to promote the website. The Marketing campaign was rounded with a Social Media online Community and printed posters.

JCW Enterprises
Synergy team was chosen to create and develop JCW Enterprises new website and product catalog for Endura, JCW top quality line of household products.
The team was briefed in creating a temporary branding e-commerce site and a product catalog that can be upgraded at a later time with their upcoming
Kortari brand. The concept was crated around the young female sector looking for high quality products at affordable prices.


Client: JCW Enterprises
Synergy team was asked again to provide a Packaging Solution to JCW Enterprises. The team was tasked with creating a consumer package for
Kortari Non Stick line of Knives. The artwork should be modern and create a high contrast between the color of the knife and the background.
The design must be distinguished from the competition and stand alone among other brands.

JCW Enterprises

JCW Enterprises used Synergy expertise for the naming, branding and package design of their High Quality Kortari Knife Box Set.
This premium box set needed to reflect a polished and stylish image  to appeal to knife  connoisseurs.
The product price may vary between $50-$70. With these parameters in mind, we were geared to create a solution that would be cost effective to produce.
Synergy team proposed the brand name, helped with the Trademark submission to the Canadian Intelectual Property Office, and developed the project from
start to completion.


Client: Alliance Mercantile
Alliance Mercantile, owner of selected household name products including the acclaimed VIKING brand requested Synergy to develop their new online branding
image including advanced e-commerce capabilities and high quality graphics to showcase the quality of theri products.
As part of the strategy Synergy created a 360 rotating view of selected products to enhance their quality.


Client: Hansa Air Cargo
Hansa Air Cargo hired Synergy team  to design and implement their branding image in all their collateral and cargo cariers. The team was briefed in
to create a modern and simple logo with dynamic flow.

Client: Synergy
Promotional Brochure done for the 2011 marketing campaign. First of a series of High Impact Graphics.


Client: CeltoCanadian Envyrosystems
CeltoCanadian is a well known Environment Company with a solid reputation in Carbon Print assessments. "Synergy was the firts and natural choise" to develop
the 2010-2011 marketing campaing quoting Alan Carter's words. (President and Owner).
Synergy was required to refresh the Company image and branding by developing new stationary, logo and intranet including a Carbon Calculator.


Client: Synergy
As part of Synergy's Suite of Graphic Services, a new line of vector characters was created to be included in T-Shirt design.