Low interest loans for software, web and technology services now available

Nov 30 2011

What do I need to improve in my business to stay competitive:

Online presence with the latest tools and technologies to increase sales.

Purchase software tailored to my business to run more effectively.

Upgrade my aging database.


Synergy continues to bring the best available options and solutions to businesses owners and office managers to help them grow sales and expand their operation.

Low interest rate loans for technology solutions to help your business grow and bring it to the next level.

Canadian business owners can benefit with $5,000 to $ 50,000 CAD low interest loan to expand their business with software, internet solutions and consulting to enhance sales and to run the business more effectively:

Capital can be applied to:

  • Internet Solutions (online sales and marketing, e-commerce, social media, web design)
  • Software (ERP, CRM, HR, supply chain, finance & accounting, custom software, etc.)
  • Hardware (servers, network, system upgrades)
  • Services (IT planning, strategy, management, security, database)

Only $200 million available across Canada.


Canadian companies, including small businesses, may apply for a low interest loan of $5,000 - $50,000+ to finance your technology improvements.

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