World's most comprehensive business specialty software reseller and distributor. Enables businesses and computer professionals to find and purchase the specialized software they require. Design of both the Internet database search system and the system for in-house customer service representatives, including integrated searching, billing, contact management and affiliate management. Store affiliate management - design of both the public Internet sign up for affiliates, dynamic look and feel changes as selected by each affiliate, and behind-the-scenes web-based Intranet system for in-house affiliate management.


I had the pleasure of helping Kathy execute her vision for SoftSearch and soon realized her terrific abilities as a senior leader. She is a high-capacity C-level business person who thinks strategically and is a brilliant tactician. (I couldn't help see some rub-off from her competitive swimming and water polo days!)
She is also a wonderful person that brings a warm human touch to all that she does, caring for not only the professional but the personal side of colleague's lives. Gary Meehan

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