Web Site Product Catalog Listings and Ecommerce System for wholesale level purchasing.
Syspro accounting Integration with the Web Site Product Catalog Listings / Ecommerce System.
Set up a program to automatically import the product data from Syspro into the Online Product Catalog Listing.
Web Site Product Catalog Listings – Multiple Photos Per Product, and rotating images to better showcase products.


Enhance sales and product awareness, focusing on retailers purchasing products for resale.


Complete redesign and implement the web system, including implementing advanced ecommerce.
Designing visuals on home page to quickly explain the the wide range of products and brands of the company.
Designing graphics for each of the main product category pages (i.e. Vikingwear recreational, industrial, boots, gloves, outerwear, cleaning, household, etc)
Ability for products to be listed in the Canadian/International catalog and/or the US catalog, including multi-currency. Future ability to enable multilingual versions of the site.
Enable dealers / customers to select whether they are US customers, or Canadian/International customers and login to their accounts to create purchase orders, see their wholesale price, and see prior web orders. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Training key people on Alliance’s staff how to maintain products and prices, categories, and Syspro imports/exports.
• Makes it easier for key Alliance staff responsible for maintaining the site to refer back to documentation, rather than having to rely on memory from the training.
• Makes it easier for new Alliance admin staff to get up to speed.


Enable dealers / customers to select whether they are US customers, or Canadian/International customers.
Makes it very easy to have different versions of the site with different domain names, without having to copy and maintain multiple, different versions of the site.
The site looks professional, and better communicates Alliance’s key marketing messages.
Easily directs dealers to the product lines they are most interested in, to increase product awareness and sales.


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