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Microsoft Visual Studio

Publisher: Microsoft

Certification: Microsoft Developers Network: Enterprise (top) level

Description: Microsoft Visual Studio is a complete set of development tools for building ASP.NET Web applications, XML Web services, Windows desktop software applications, and mobile applications.

A Visual Studio Web application is built around ASP.NET.

Visual Studio .NET allows you to create applications that leverage the power of the World Wide Web. This includes everything from a traditional Web site that serves HTML pages, to fully featured business applications that run on an intranet or the Internet, to sophisticated business-to-business applications providing Web-based components that can exchange data using XML.

ASP.NET is a platform for developing and running applications on a Web server.

ASP.NET in turn is part of the .NET Framework, so that it provides access to all of the features of that framework. For example, you can create ASP.NET Web applications using any .NET programming language (Visual Basic, C#, Managed Extensions for C++, and many others) and .NET debugging facilities.

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