The website was redesigned from the ground up with a complete new graphical overhaul and custom made content management system to allow the customer to easily update their website.


Web site enhancement to better showcase product line and improve sales.


Implemented content management system for all pages so that Ripley Stainless can add new information and keep the site up to date from any computer at any time. Blog to manage all the news, allow customers easily find out latest updates and help promote a good position on search engines. Web statistics to view site usage, evaluate customer locations and loyalty.
Technically we used an AJAX and PHP powered content management system, Silverstripe.
Logo redesign to better represent the quality of the business.
To increase sales and leads, incorporated a request for quote form. Customers can request a quote, by filling in a request for quote page, which enables them to identify the purchasing parameters that are important to them. Regularly receive inquiries from customers, which provide significant details as to what they require, to better be able to provide quotes


New customers are discovering Ripley Stainless because of the aggressive search engine marketing which was implemented, even on a limited budget. A higher percentage are clicking through and requesting because of the attractive nature and good quality content within the professional site.


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