Client: Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) - BC Emergency Health Services / Emergency Health Services Commission - BC Ambulance



Business Analysis of enhancements for their existing web software application. Leading integration implementation for a PHSA department, BC Ambulance. The Infor Workbrain application handles tracking complex payroll, scheduling and time keeping in a dynamic environment, with multiple union pay rule handling. Business requirements, process flow, and technical functional design documentation. Also trained other hospital staffing office schedulers and managers on the usage of Workbrain.


• Identified and established the key improvements to work flow efficiency, enable the scheduling and timekeeping staff to be able to record and accurately track schedule and timesheet record information in a much quicker manner.
• Reduced numerous manual processes currently existing to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of the results.
• Coordinating and documenting business requirements, process flows. Identified and helped prioritize numerous opportunities for improvements.
• Obtaining consensus and sign off on the scope of changes to be implemented, within the existing, complex web software application. This includes both documentation that the users could easily understand, screen mock-ups to clearly visualize the solution, as well as technical functional design documentation for the software development.
• Ensuring the Infor Workbrain development / configuration team clearly understood the required deliverables. Lead resource to answer their questions during the development and configuration.
• Identifying record data mapping, and completing the required technical documentation for the PHSA Integration Services and the application technical team required for successfully implementing the 2 –way data integration between the SAP and Workbrain applications.
• Working with the QA team to answer any questions they have during develop and implementing the test plans and scripts to fully test the successful implementation of the key deliverables, prior to implementing in a production environment.
• Supporting the Workbrain implementation and go-live. Leading as a technical resource for the applicable project teams during development, quality assurance testing, integration, and system rollout for implementation.
• Training BC Ambulance Provincial Scheduling department and other hospital staffing office schedulers and managers on the usage of Workbrain.
• Hand-off to the sustainment team.


Reduced numerous manual processes between prior scheduling (in ESP) and payroll handling methods.


" While working as a contract PM on a complex web based scheduling & timekeeping project for the BC Provincial Health Services Authority, we came to a point where we really needed a sharp IT Consultant to assist with requirements for the next phase of implementation.
We interviewed a number of people and ended up going with Kathy...she was definitely the right person for the job.
The things that I appreciated about Kathy in her role as Senior Business Systems Analyst, included her attention to detail, listening skills, and her ability to think outside the box and discover hidden requirements. But, the best thing about Kathy is that she has the chops, personality and experience to deliver - which gives people a real sense of comfort that the job will be done right and in a thorough professional, manner.
As a consultant, Kathy has a great disposition and is easy to work with...the feedback we received from her interaction with internal clients was great...I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. "
Todd Ostrowercha
Project Manager
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions

"Kathy came into our project while it was already in full swing but was able to get up to speed and make a meaningful contribution very quickly. She is very diligent, detail-oriented and always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. She's also very approachable and willing to share her knowledge."
Sharlene Tan Valera
Software Quality Assurance Lead
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


"I worked with Kathy on Workbrain project and Kathy really impressed me by her ability to patiently look for all details. Kathy is a great analyst who thinks things through and never makes premature decisions. She has a soft approach to people and it is always a pleasure to work with her. "
Anna Iantchenko
Analyst / Sr Quality Assurance Lead
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


" The time I worked with Kathy at PHSA, she demonstrated professional knowledge of business processes and work ethic, accompanied by deep understanding of entire system and always had the end user's perspective in mind.
She is very easy to communicate with, in person, I could always rely on Kathy's accurate answers regarding business workflows and technical questions. I enjoyed working with Kathy, she is very fun to work with and excellent team player! I'm looking forward to working with Kathy again in future. She is definitely one of the best business analysts I had to work with. "
Yulia Godkova
Senior QA Analyst
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


" What I loved about Kathy is her patience, very accommodating, persistence and professionalism. She juggled through tight deadlines and persevered to assist QA the best she can with needed information. She was frank if she did not know the answer."
Gerry Bernardo
Senior QA Analyst / Software Tester
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions

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