Software Application Development




For over 20 years, Synergy has been helping our clients put in software and web solutions to help them run their business more smoothly - lower operating costs and increase revenues.

Our expertise lies in the area of building competitive, powerful and strategic business Windows software applications.

    Our approach is to work as business partners with our clients – a regular part of your team, implementing solutions that address your specific business needs.  We think as part of your management team, bringing and sharing strategies to help your business grow.

We are always thinking as a  member of your management team, to bring you ROI, and assist your  business to grow and improve.

We offer:

  • Software solutions enabling our clients to grow their business 
  • Streamlining your business operations – run more effectively
  • Custom database design and implementation
  • Connecting different software to reduce duplicate data entry



Introducing Synergy Connect, a complete social media solution for your business.

Synergy Connect is a powerful tool, enabling your business spread throughout the whole net information about your brand, product or service as well as the fascinating participation of customers interacting with your business.


Have you considered:

  • What can I improve today with my website to help better manage and grow the business?
  • Does your web site truly reflect your vision for the business?
  • Can customers and partners truly do business with you (real time) over the web?
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