Synergy Connect - Social Networking Solution

Synergy Connect enables you to easily add articles, newsletters, discussions, events, fans, members, tips, photo sharing and videos directly on your web site.

Synergy Connect puts the powers of the social media applications... Directly in your hands

Did you realize with most free social tools:

  • You are sending readers away from your site
  • It's free because they sell prime space on your site to your direct competitors.
  • You no longer own your data and content. You are giving them full licence to do whatever they want with your content and customers.

Much better when all those people and content are on your site.

    With Synergy Connect:

  • You retain full ownership of your content
  • You build your list of people interested in what you are offering!
  • Draw people to your site where they can easily see your services and buy, rather than sending them away
  • It's your brand
  • Get a higher search ranking - be found by more people

    Add Synergy Connect to your site today.
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Have you considered:

  • What can I improve today with my website to help better manage and grow the business?
  • Does your web site truly reflect your vision for the business?
  • Can customers and partners truly do business with you (real time) over the web?
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