Clients Testimonials

The objectives of the City were met by the system...The product has been well thought out with good interfaces between the major functional components of the system....I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Synergy Computer Consulting for the provision of computer system analysis, design and implementation.

City of North Vancouver, BC.
I have been very pleased with the relationship that has developed between Synergy and Comcheq. What more can one ask for but prompt, friendly and courteous service, and that is exactly what we receive from Synergy. Bill Wishert and his colleagues are adept at taking a problem with which we present them and determining the appropriate solution that will solve the problem, not only for us at Comcheq, but also for our clients. A great capacity to think one step ahead of the current situation, and this means he always has our clients' needs in mind.
The Synergy team is a pleasure to work with. They put in long hours to meet deadlines and requirements. I know I can count on them, and that gives me a peace of mind. .

Diane Hook
Product Manager, HRIS
Comcheq Payroll Services, a unit of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (aquired by Ceridean)
All I can say is.... excellent job, it looks great. Thank you.
- Brent Hedin, Manager

We appreciate your professionalism and always operating on a mutually respectful platform. Thanks again.
- James Thornley, General Manager

Thank you for a great session yesterday. I found the meeting informative and I'm excited about putting some of this new knowledge into practice!
It's been a pleasure working with Kathy. She communicates her expertise effectively and tailors her teaching strategy well to her audience. Our team remarked on Kathy's ability to anticipate the training areas we needed to focus on most!
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time
Service Category: IT Consultant
Cynthia MacNeill, Executive Assistant

Executive Team
Peake of Catering
I am so impressed with your continuing business success in such a competitive field. Mind you it's no surprise, because of the way you have of treating your clients.

Ms. Chris Smith, S.A. Mowat and Pitt Dryland Sort
Pitt Dryland Sort
I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a project involving a major re-design of our (Workplace Health Indicator Tracking and Evaluation) application for Employee Health to support the occupational health nursing services delivered through our Workplace Health Call Centre. After reviewing detailed process maps, she then proposed and presented solutions to meet those needs, in terms we could understand. Kathy was attentive to our needs, respectful of our time. I have enjoyed working with her.

Elayne Preston, RN
Manager, Workplace Health
Fraser Health Authority (FHA)
Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA - IMITS), Fraser Health Authority (FHA), and all BC Health Authorities - Occupational Workplace Health & Safety
" While working as a contract PM on a complex web based scheduling & timekeeping project for the BC Provincial Health Services Authority, we came to a point where we really needed a sharp IT Consultant to assist with requirements for the next phase of implementation.
We interviewed a number of people and ended up going with Kathy...she was definitely the right person for the job.
The things that I appreciated about Kathy in her role as Senior Business Systems Analyst, included her attention to detail, listening skills, and her ability to think outside the box and discover hidden requirements. But, the best thing about Kathy is that she has the chops, personality and experience to deliver - which gives people a real sense of comfort that the job will be done right and in a thorough professional, manner.
As a consultant, Kathy has a great disposition and is easy to work with...the feedback we received from her interaction with internal clients was great...I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. "
Todd Ostrowercha
Project Manager
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions

"Kathy came into our project while it was already in full swing but was able to get up to speed and make a meaningful contribution very quickly. She is very diligent, detail-oriented and always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. She's also very approachable and willing to share her knowledge."
Sharlene Tan Valera
Software Quality Assurance Lead
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


"I worked with Kathy on Workbrain project and Kathy really impressed me by her ability to patiently look for all details. Kathy is a great analyst who thinks things through and never makes premature decisions. She has a soft approach to people and it is always a pleasure to work with her. "
Anna Iantchenko
Analyst / Sr Quality Assurance Lead
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


" The time I worked with Kathy at PHSA, she demonstrated professional knowledge of business processes and work ethic, accompanied by deep understanding of entire system and always had the end user's perspective in mind.
She is very easy to communicate with, in person, I could always rely on Kathy's accurate answers regarding business workflows and technical questions. I enjoyed working with Kathy, she is very fun to work with and excellent team player! I'm looking forward to working with Kathy again in future. She is definitely one of the best business analysts I had to work with. "
Yulia Godkova
Senior QA Analyst
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions


" What I loved about Kathy is her patience, very accommodating, persistence and professionalism. She juggled through tight deadlines and persevered to assist QA the best she can with needed information. She was frank if she did not know the answer."
Gerry Bernardo
Senior QA Analyst / Software Tester
Provincial Health Services Authority / Scheduling and Timekeeping Solutions

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) - BC Emergency Health Services / Emergency Health Services Commission - BC Ambulance
I am so impressed with your continuing business success in such a competitive field. Mind you it's no surprise, because of the way you have of treating your clients.

Ms. Chris Smith, S.A. Mowat and Pitt Dryland Sort
S.A. Mowat
I had the pleasure to work with Kathy Woolverton, President at Synergy Computer Consulting Ltd, on a very in-depth and detailed e-commerce web design project. Although this project was challenging from both a design and functionality point of view, I found Kathy and her team to be extremely professional and proficient in their areas of expertise and overall approach to finding solutions to complete this project on time and on budget.

Thanks very much Kathy for a job well done!

Michael Skinner
Securitrex International
I had the pleasure of helping Kathy execute her vision for SoftSearch and soon realized her terrific abilities as a senior leader. She is a high-capacity C-level business person who thinks strategically and is a brilliant tactician. (I couldn't help see some rub-off from her competitive swimming and water polo days!)
She is also a wonderful person that brings a warm human touch to all that she does, caring for not only the professional but the personal side of colleague's lives.

Gary Meehan
SoftSearch Inc.
I am delighted to write a letter describing the outstanding work provided....We have been using the database for several months and realize the quality of the product we have....I feel that we can call Synergy at any time and they will provide the support that we need.

UBC - Division of Midwifery, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine
Pleased with the final results. Overall it improves the efficiency and accuracy of the admissions program. There was excellent collaboration with Synergy and we feel we have a strong communication with them. They were very accommodating and interested in our project and in getting us to the place we wanted to go.

With Synergy, we don’t feel rushed. We get to try it out in our own time and they have been very responsive in working with any glitches. We will continue to work with them, as our satisfaction level is high. By doing small projects, we’re learning the potential for other things. Often you don’t know what you can do until you start to work with something. Then it gives you ideas for other ways that the technology can be helpful.

Elaine Carty
University of British Columbia
A fantastic job. It will make it so much easier for the doctors to compile their info for their research.

Donna Balanecki, RN, Nurse Manager
Skin Care Surgery Centre
UBC - Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre
Vancouver Dermatology Surgery Clinic (Dermatologic Surgery/Mohs Micrographic Surgery Unit at The Skin Care Centre / U.B.C.)
Synergy has consistently provided the Division with technical support and database maintenance. As well, ongoing collaboration has ensured that our system evolved along with technical environment while simultaneously ensuring that our commitment tu our patients' and institution's privacy standards are maintained.

Raman Johal
Reteach Manager
Vancouver General Hospital
The Synergy team that provided the service and support for the Alzheimer Project was outstanding. No effort was spared in ensuring that the system was a success. Monthly status reports were provided indicating tasks completed, tasks in progress and outlining any issues that needed immediate attention, On going communication was excellent and Synergy never failed to promptly respond to email. Project Implemented on schedule and within budget.

Helene Chou
Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Center
Wow, I just took a look at the new site and it looks fantastic! It's great to have our own site as opposed to it being hidden in the swim site like it used to be. Please pass along my compliments for her time and effort and the great new site. - Yvonne Chu

That is great !!!! Thanks! - Coach Evgeni

Huge thanks to Kathy Woolverton and her team for her time and effort in putting this together!! Great job!! :o) - Kelly, Director

Looks great! - Jane

Vancouver Waterpolo Club
Very nice work & so prompt too! I m jazzed :)

Just a quick note to say the designs are beautiful.... All of them!! There is a lovely balance between all the elements. REALLY, really nice work.

I so appreciate all the tips you forward.... thank you!

Jana Williams
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