Top Five Business Website Mistakes

Aug 18 2011

A business website is an online ambassador for your business. It takes more than just having a website to make your online business profitable. A user-friendly and search-engine friendly website design has become an area of concern to businesses that want to use the Internet to the fullest.


So many times you see sites that were clearly designed by someone who understood programming, but not branding and visual elements.


Or the site looks beautifully visually, but the site is done in a way that your content can't be found by the search engines. Or it can't be viewed on a iPad or mobile phone for your customers on the go.


Many times, there is no ability to order their products online. Or the e-commerce is not connected to your accounting - frustrating when products, prices and orders have to be manually double entered in each system.


Solving these challenges can have a significant improvement in your sales results.



Below are five common Web site errors:


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1.  Poor Functionality

Why have a Web site with content if no one can access it? Good design is largely based on consistency. Menus should appear in the same place on every page, links should all be the same color/typeface, and a logo of some sort should be clearly visible at all times.


2.  Too complicated

Although flash animation may look amazing, it may be too complex for casual Internet users. Though aesthetics certainly matter, it must be in balance with functionality and ease of use for the typical user. Also, a more complex design takes longer to load on many computers.


3.  Broken links

Make sure every link on your site works. You’ll lose users quickly if they see a “404 file not found” error message or find broken or incorrectly labeled links.


4. Not hiring a professional

Web site implementation is a complex yet interesting blend between business strategy, programming, graphic design, search engine optimization and marketing.  It is hard to find all those skills in one person.


5. Ignoring statistics

Detailed reports of visitor traffic are available for your Web site. By monitoring your statistics (such as visitors-turned-customers, users on broadband, etc.) you can tailor your marketing and design toward those who visit most or find weak spots based on who you are not attracting.


Would you like a personalized evaluation of your web site and how your can enable you to better achieve your goals?  Just contact us.  We look forward to talking soon.


What is your favorite website and why?  And your least favorite website?


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