Technology Project Management Services

This process of keeping communication open, and confirming key milestones is a key to Synergy’s successful track record. 
A consistent approach enables us to continuously improve on our quality and deliver timely, quality solutions.

We break projects into phases to allow budgeting, and successful planning. 

The culmination of each phase is a detailed plan for the subsequent phase based on the information gathered and work completed.  Client sign off at the end of each phase keeps communication solid, and ensures the end product matches project objectives and scope.

This illustrates our process so you will know what is going on behind the scenes and will understand why we schedule particular meetings, ask for certain information, request milestone sign off and so on.  For shorter projects, such as the current project, this is processed condensed substantially.

Phase Details

1. Analysis Phase

  • Uncover and Confirm all processes expected by client –Prepare Vision And Scope Document
  • Prepare initial visual design mockups
  • Document known Future project Considerations 
  • Sign Off by Client prior to starting Design Phase

2. Design Phase

  • Prepare a detailed plan for Development Phase, including programming specifications, database table design and final visual design mockups
  • Sign Off By client prior to starting Development Phase

    Phase Details

    3. Development Phase

    • Programming
    • System testing
    • Technical Document

    4. Client Testing Phase

    • Client tests the system, and ensures that all items in the scope approved above are functioning as requested, before going live.
      (It is very important that sufficient time is allocated.)
    • Synergy solves any issues reported
    • Sign Off by Client prior to starting Implementation Phase

    5. Implementation Phase

    • Install application
    • Import old data, if applicable
    • Provide end-user training, if required
    • Final Project Sign Off by Client